Mountain Milonga Retreat, July 14-17, 2017


Our online store is on Square Marketplace (no registration necessary). The store has two simple sections, for passes and for optional lodging (including the most basic "bunk-in" option onsite). THE EVENT PASSES ARE SOLD OUT

Retreat passes:

PART-TIME VOLUNTEER PASS - $125 (8 passes) (includes BUNK-IN lodging. ONLY for pre-approved volunteers schedule to work 3 approximately 3 hour shifts during the retreat weekend) SOLD OUT

SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $195  - our customary "door prize" for the first pass-buyers (10 passes) SOLD OUT


Lodging options menu: 

"Bunk-in" on site ($50 for 3 nights on a cot with mattress and cover, but bring-your-own sheets / towels / sleeping bags, in a 10-person dorm on site)

Shared rooms in Brighton Lodge (2 minutes walk, ample showers, hot tub)

Quad dorm bed ($75 for 3 nights, a bunk bed n a 4-bed room, sheets and towels provided, hot tub  SOLD OUT

Double dorm bed ($120 for 3 nights, or $40 a night) A twin bed in a 2-bed room in the Brighton Lodge dorm block. SOLD OUT

Shared and private rooms in Great Western Chalet (short walking distance, 3 BA, hot tub) SOLD OUT

Tango chalet twin bed in a shared room ( $195 for 3 nights, in a room with 2 beds) SOLD OUT

Tango chalet queen bed in a shared room ( $240 for 3 nights, in a room with 2 bedsSOLD OUT

Tango chalet private queen room ($345 for 3 nights, or $115 a night) SOLD OUT

Shared and private rooms in the Music House: SOLD OUT

Private rooms at the Brighton Lodge: SOLD OUT. 

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  1. Ride from the airport available:
    I have rented a car for the weekend and I can share a ride with anyone (1 or two persons) who arrives or departs around the same times:
    arrive: Thu, July 13, 8:00 am
    depart: Mon, July 17, 7:30 am
    date posted: July 8, 2017