Mountain Milonga Retreat, July 14-17, 2017

*Couples and Leaders WANTED*

Our online store is on Square Marketplace (no registration necessary). The store has two simple sections, for passes and for optional lodging (including the most basic "bunk-in" option onsite). 

Retreat passes:

PART-TIME VOLUNTEER PASS - $125 (8 passes) (includes BUNK-IN lodging. ONLY for pre-approved volunteers schedule to work 3 approximately 3 hour shifts during the retreat weekend) SOLD OUT

SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $195  - our customary "door prize" for the first pass-buyers (10 passes) SOLD OUT

INDIVIDUAL LEADER PASSES / FOLLOWER PASSES ($210) and COUPLE PASSES ($410). The inventory of these passes will be adjusted in real time to ensure a fair gender balance.
Dear followers! We still have room for 4 more of you.
To join the WAITING LIST, please respond on Facebook or by email (to mountain dot milonga at gmail), equally. As of Thursday April 20, the waiting list has 10 followers. Leaders! It's a call for you! Sign up and give these ladies a chance!

Lodging options menu: 

"Bunk-in" on site ($50 for 3 nights on a cot with mattress and cover, but bring-your-own sheets / towels / sleeping bags, in a 10-person dorm on site)

Shared rooms in Brighton Lodge (2 minutes walk, ample showers, hot tub)

Quad dorm bed ($75 for 3 nights, a bunk bed n a 4-bed room, sheets and towels provided, hot tub

Double dorm bed ($120 for 3 nights, or $40 a night) A twin bed in a 2-bed room in the Brighton Lodge dorm block. SOLD OUT

Shared and private rooms in Great Western Chalet (short walking distance, 3 BA, hot tub)

Tango chalet twin bed in a shared room ( $195 for 3 nights, in a room with 2 beds)

Tango chalet queen bed in a shared room ( $240 for 3 nights, in a room with 2 beds)

Tango chalet private queen room ($345 for 3 nights, or $115 a night) SOLD OUT

Shared and private rooms in the Music House: SOLD OUT

Private rooms at the Brighton Lodge: SOLD OUT. However, there is one more room there, available for just two nights, Saturday and Sunday. Please inquire with Monika, see FAQ.

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