Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mountain Milonga Retreat 2018

Mountain Milonga Retreat 2018 will take place on August 3-5 2018 at the traditional location  at the historic Wasatch Mountain Lodge at Brighton Ski Resort, Utah.  Registration for new guests opens on Thursday May 3 at 9 pm Mountain Time!

More about registration: as it happens in the years past, the first 48 hours of registration were restricted to "the alumni class", the passholders of the earlier Wasatch tango events including both Mountain Milonga and SLTF. Keep in mind that in recent years, Mountain Milonga sells out in mere days. Update: registration is CLOSED, the event is sold out, waiting list is available.

7 milongas * live music * 8 classes * music jam
all meals provided * grand asado night * wild mushroom hunt
outdoor adventures * massages * body/mind
bunk-in tango dorms * tango chalets
SCHEDULE * FAQ and maps * Our team! 

Mountain Milonga Retreat is a unique tango adventure in a rustic 1929  ski lodge at 9,000 ft elevation up in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range (yet only 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport). The tradition began 16 years ago as a signature summer celebration of the local tango community. Great floor, great vibe, and mindblowing asado. Over the years, the “M2”, as it is affectionately known,  grew into a 3-day retreat combining a good deal of a tango marathon, a bit of a workshop, and a lot of a communion of tango friends.

We will feature a beautiful constellation of regional teaching and DJing talent, including Grisha Nisnevich, Tommy Smith and Christian Wheelihan, John Miller and Jesica Cutler, Patricia Becker, Jamie-Lynn Figure, Serena Lembach, Patrick Marsolek, and more; Nathan Earley will provide on-site massages; and (by popular request) a traditional all-volunteer kitchen crew. (Learn more about our team!) And yes, we are still signing up part-time volunteers. Being a part-timer volunteer takes only 3 shifts of 3 hours or less, and it is both a great experience and a solid value, coming with a $70 pass discount + a $60 lodging discount.

Always remember that it isn't your usual city-based tango event! We'd like to remind you that the Mountain Milonga FAQ page is always important to read and re-read, and to suggest updates and additions as necessary.

MMR-2018 Facebook Event page is another great way to get in touch with Mountain Milonga people and to share tips and questions and excitement!

Draft schedule has been posted.

The Mystic Milonga afterparty is scheduled for Monday-Tuesday Aug 6-7th.

For the craziest dancers for whom even a 5 days and nights of Tango, Nature and Friendship leaves them wishing for more, please keep in mind that there is also a first of kind locally based Encuentro on the weekend right after the retreat (contact Olivia Leavitt or check their website for more information)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mystic Milonga Afterparty 2018

A general blueprint of our famous rolling party which will span Monday Aug 6th and Tuesday Aug 7th  (details, maps, and photos will continue to be updated - suggestions welcome).

Aug 6, 2018, Monday
12 pm – 2:30 pm or laterCarpooling from Salt Lake city (180 mi)
(later start possible for those who drive straight to Mystic w/o visiting the Fremont petroglyphs )
on the road!
3 pm – 4:30 pmMystic Hot Springs Afterparty: Fremont Indian PetroglyphsFremont Indian State Park (map)
4:30 pm -7 pmMystic Hot Springs Afterparty check-in & soak
Monroe, UT (map)
7 pm – midnightMystic Hot Springs Afterparty: Asado dinner and Monroe City Pavilion Milonga
Midnight – ???Mystic Hot Springs Afterparty: soaking under stars
Aug 7, 2018, Tuesday
All day … till midnight or so?Afterparty sightseeing tour and Sunset Danceon the road!

Leaving in the early afternoon on Monday Aug 6th for Fremont Indian State Park (with an optional adventure petroglyph tour) - Mystic Hot Springs check-in and soak - Asado party at Monroe Pavillion - more soaking under the stars and comfy sleeping in vintage cowboy cabins, different-era vintage hippy school buses.

Tuesday Aug 7: relaxed breakfast @ the Mars Hostel in Mystic, and the we begin a road tour which will last the whole day, returning to Salt Lake quite late.

Where should we go this time? The two most recent Mystic tours took us across San Rafael Swell (including roadside overlooks, Black Dragon Wash petroglyphs, and Temple Mountain ghost town), ending in the classic Sunset Dance at the Goblin Valley State Park. Earlier on, we kept going to spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park, hiking its classic Navajo Loop between Bryce's famous multi-colored spires.

For the upcoming tour, I've been thinking about something new: an 80-mile drive to Red Canyon with a very short hike there; then to the lava flows of Mammoth Creek and the lava tube a.k.a. Utah Mammoth Cave; then to the high-elevation overlook of Cedar Break National Monument; and optionally, an 11-mile detour to the famous petroglyphs of Parowan Gap on the way home (images and map below)
Red Canyon is a reduced-scale version of Bryce Canyon NP

Mammoth Cave Lava tube is a short through hike
with flashlights - and sleeping bats may be a bonus

Cedar Breaks from the North Overlook at the cool 10.500 ft el
Parowan Gap is the Mecca of Solstice-worshippers
But I'm also open to doing the more classic Bryce, or Black Dragon + Goblins, one more time. Not everyone has been there, and some people just can't enough of those stellar locations (also shown on the map below). Please let us know!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mountain Milonga 2017 timeline and gallery

Dear Mountain Milonga guests and team members! Thank you making the 2017 Retreat a mind-blowing experience yet again! 

Tango events can never stand still. It is impossible reuse the same recipe year after year. There is always a pressure to evolve and improve. And yet our favorite dance is built upon a century-old magic of connection and music, as old as the weathered walls of the historic 1929 mountain lodge which hosts us for the Retreat. There are some fundamentals which we dare not to disturb even as we innovate and cope with the new challenges and try many new things. It's just so amazing that our beloved "M2" remains as awesome as ever before even as it changes. We count on your help to make it an even better event in 2018! THANK YOU!
People exchange stories and images in so many different ways ... not everyone may get to see the best. Let us try to sum up the best of 2017 ... and please ask us to make corrections, add or delete things as necessary. And most importantly, please, share your impressions and respond to our SURVEY

FRIDAY JULY 13th. The first milonga is outdoors at Silver Lake boardwalk. Thank you Joni for leading and DJing! The amazing kitchen crew is already hard at work. After the social mixer, first class by maestros Diego & Ana, and dinner, Grisha takes DJing reigns. And we are greeted by Mountain Milonga's traditional Dance Star and by a cool black and white picture on the lodge's wall - of a group of mountaineers dancing on a mountaintop in the 1920s.

The magic of  the 1929 log house. Raina's photo
Registration desk, complete with flashlights for inter-lodge walking. Irene's photo
Silver Lake, Rebecca's photo
See the old framed picture of the mountain dancers? Andre's photo

Mountain Dance in the 1920s ... and now. Laura's photo

Trista, Mike, and Laura in the kitchen. Irene's photo

In the Wasatch Mountain Lodge. Raina's photo

DJ Grisha. Credits: Irene
SATURDAY JUL 15th. After Jamie-Lynn's Yoga and breakfast, Diego Blanco and Ana Padron continue with a series of classes, while the outdoor-minded explorers hike to the 3 mountain lakes
Diego & Ana teaching. Credits: Irene
Tango on the Twin Lakes dam.

Tangueros on the trail. Credits: Naseema

Grand Asado JUL 15th (photo credits - Naseema, Randy, Irene, Trista, Serena)

SATURDAY JUL 15th Milongas, Performances, Live Music. Photo credits Guadalupe, Andre, Sarah, Naseema, Matt, Irene, Trista
Cortina fun!

DJ Guadalupe

DJ John

Joni Roco, DJ

Tommy Smith, DJ

Dancing to Phonograph Blue's live music

Phonograph Blue

Special treat from the chefs!
Grand milonga survivors

SUNDAY JUL 16th - milongas, music jam, hikes, John's connection class, Grisha's musicality class, Jesica's couple massage workshop. Photo credits: Andre, Sarah, Guadalupe, Irene, Matt, Rebecca

And the final Mountain Milonga "survivors" picture:

... and now on to the afterparty!

MONDAY JUL 17th - Mystic hot springs and Afterparty milonga (Photos by Yuju, Irene, Rebecca)

Travertine flowing over supersized bath tubs
Nature Bus, one of Mystic's quirky accommodations

Inside one of Mystic's "school buses"

TUESDAY JUL 18th - Tango Road Tour (Photos by Irene, Jess, Robert, Rebecca, Natasha)

TUESDAY JUL 18th - Goblin Valley Farewell Sunset Milonga with Brian's violin. Credits: Irene, David, Rebecca