Friday, June 22, 2018

Mystic Milonga Afterparty 2018

A general blueprint of our famous rolling party which will span Monday Aug 6th and Tuesday Aug 7th as last updated on July 22 (details, maps, and photos continue to be updated - suggestions welcome). Not everyone on the list has paid for the reservation (which should "approximately" cover lodging, food, and milonga pavilion rental - but gas cost sharing / food cost overruns / premium lodging may be a bit extra)

Aug 6, 2018, Monday
12 pm – 2:30 pm or laterCarpooling from Salt Lake city (180 mi)
(later start possible for those who drive straight to Mystic w/o visiting the Fremont petroglyphs )
on the road!
3 pm – 4:30 pmMystic Hot Springs Afterparty: Fremont Indian PetroglyphsFremont Indian State Park (map)
4:30 pm -7 pmMystic Hot Springs Afterparty check-in & soak
Monroe, UT (map)
7 pm – midnightMystic Hot Springs Afterparty: Asado dinner and Monroe City Pavilion Milonga
Midnight – ???Mystic Hot Springs Afterparty: soaking under stars
Aug 7, 2018, Tuesday
All day … till midnight or so?Afterparty sightseeing tour and Sunset Danceon the road!

Leaving in the early afternoon on Monday Aug 6th for Fremont Indian State Park (with an optional adventure petroglyph tour) - Mystic Hot Springs check-in and soak - Asado party at Monroe Pavillion - more soaking under the stars and comfy sleeping in vintage cowboy cabins, different-era vintage hippy school buses.
A tentative lodging layout (as of Jul 22) is below - please inquire if you want a change, please note that private units come at a slight premium (to be calculated later but estimated at slightly less than $30 per unit). Also note that we still have a few units available - and campsites as well. Don't delay - sign in while they last :)

GrishaGrow CabinQueen
NinaGrow CabinTwin
Chris SNature BusQueen
RickNature BusTwin
WarrenNature BusTwin
David HBen Busdbl
Ben Busbed1
Dean?My Cabindbl 1st floor
Joni?My Cabindbl 2nd floor
Mars living roomsofa
VeniceMars I twin 1
KathleenMars I twin 2
Mars IIQueen
Mars IIIQueen
Irina S1865 Pioneer Cabindbl
1865 Pioneer Cabinfuton
Irina KRipple BusQueen
FaithAlthea BusDbl
YuliaThe Other One aka New BusKing
NatashaBerta BusDbl
Tuesday Aug 7: relaxed breakfast @ the Mars Hostel in Mystic, and the we begin a road tour which will last the whole day, returning to Salt Lake quite late.

Where should we go this time? The two most recent Mystic tours took us across San Rafael Swell (including roadside overlooks, Black Dragon Wash petroglyphs, and Temple Mountain ghost town), ending in the classic Sunset Dance at the Goblin Valley State Park. Earlier on, we kept going to spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park, hiking its classic Navajo Loop between Bryce's famous multi-colored spires.

For the upcoming tour, I've been thinking about something new: an 80-mile drive to Red Canyon with a very short hike there; then to the lava flows of Mammoth Creek and the lava tube a.k.a. Utah Mammoth Cave; then to the high-elevation overlook of Cedar Break National Monument; and optionally, an 11-mile detour to the famous petroglyphs of Parowan Gap on the way home (images and map below)
Red Canyon is a reduced-scale version of Bryce Canyon NP

Mammoth Cave Lava tube is a short through hike
with flashlights - and sleeping bats may be a bonus

Cedar Breaks from the North Overlook at the cool 10.500 ft el
Parowan Gap is the Mecca of Solstice-worshippers
But I'm also open to doing the more classic Bryce, or Black Dragon + Goblins, one more time. Not everyone has been there, and some people just can't enough of those stellar locations (also shown on the map below). Please let us know!!!